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Water pooling in the fridge? Freezer too warm? Time to buy a new fridge!

Let me start out by saying, I've had bad experiences with Samsung, from a TV displaying a blank screen with single white pixel, to a top-loading washer that violently shakes the lid right off .  So this will give you a sense of where my headspace is at.

I have a 6 year old Samsung french door, bottom freezer refrigerator (RF217ACRS). I have two major issues:

1. Water running down the back of the Twin Cooling panel, pooling at the bottom of the fridge and crisper drawers
2. Freezer temperature that reads -2 degrees, but it's really about 40 degrees inside

As a stubborn, unskilled male, I attempted to DIY both issues through Google and YouTube. For the water/icing problem (which started happening about a year after purchase), I tried the following fixes:

1. Replaced temperature sensor (DA32-00006S)
2. Replaced defrost thermal fuse (DA47-00301D)
3. Attached a copper wire from the defrost heating element down through the drain hole
4. Elevate the front legs to tilt refrigerator back


For problem #2 with the freezer temperature, I tried the following fixes:

1. Replaced the evaporator motor fan (DA31-00146H)
2. Replaced temperature sensor (DA32-00006S) in the freezer
3. Replaced the defrost bi-metal thermostat (DA47-00243K)
4. Replaced the gasket door (DA63-07734A)
5. Replaced the PCB main (DA41-00695A)


I've had 2 repairmen tell me that problem #1 is a common, unfixable Samsung manufacturer issue. You can manually defrost your fridge but eventually the panel will start icing up again.

Problem #2 is a sealed system problem, another common Samsung issue. There is a refrigerant leak somewhere. Could be in the evaporator or somewhere else. If you can find the leak, maybe it's fixable or maybe not. But you'll need to hire a repairman and it will cost you (for a problem that may end up returning).

Please temper your expectations on whether or not swapping out parts will fix your Samsung fridge issues. If it doesn't, take a cold hard stare at your DIY self in the mirror, and maybe you'll come to the conclusion I did:

Time to buy a new refrigerator and don't buy Samsung