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Waterwall Rancid Dishwasher

We purchased all new appliances from Samsung in 2018

Our dishwasher SMELLS SO BAD, I almost never wanna use it.  We called samsung, they came out and tried to fix the hose, didnt help.  I have to remember to use the dishwasher every week, even if I dont want to because the smell just gets  worse, so now theres no way of getting out of this disgusting smelly cycle.   I can never open the washer in front of guests or even my family, they get grossed out. I have tried fixing the hose and draining it but it still smells like sewage.


Its very disapointing because these appliances were not cheap.  


My ice maker keeps freezing up.  I also have to remember to open it up and make sure the ice isn't clogging up on a daily basis.  Then if I forget, I have to deal for 10 minutes trying to open the drawer, breaking up the ice.  I sometimes cant even open the drawer, then I have to shut off the entire fridge and wait for hours for the ice to melt just so I can open it and then deal with all the ice build up.


I was hoping to enjoy my appliances and not have to deal with replacing them for many years.  Now I'm dreading the years of being tied down to the sewage smell in my kitchen and dealing with the ice build up.


Also the new dryer was making some weird noise I called within the warranty period and was blown off. The noise kept getting worse so when I called again they decided they needed to send a repair man, and by now the warranty had expired. It was over $100 to have him take it apart and use Vaseline to lube up the wheels.  He said this happens after years of use and the lube drying up. And the assembly line must of forgotten to lube them properly.