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Wine Cooler 51 Bottle - RW51TS338SR

(Topic created on: 1/21/21 3:13 PM)
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Hey all!

I've got a new Samsung Wine Cooler (RW51TS338ST). I've noticed something odd about the way it operates that I'm curious if others have noticed. It seems a change to the temperature setpoint is only recognized by the wine refrigerator if the change is something greater than 5 degrees (not sure exactly how big the difference must be). I think it's common for refrigerators after achieving operating temperature to only display the setpoint even though the actual temperature of the refrigerator will vary +/- by a few degrees. However, I expected that if I change the setpoint by a few degrees, the display would show the actual temperature as the refrigerator functions to achieve the new setpoint. It seems with this wine cooler if I make a change of 5 degrees or less, the display continues to show the original set point. It's hard for me to know for sure (because I don't have an independent thermometer), but I think the wine cooler is actually changing the temperature setpoint and the temperature inside the refrigerator even though the display continues to show the original set point. Anyone else seen this? Thanks!



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