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You CAN turn on Electric Range oven remotely with SmartThings App.

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Hello fellow proud Samsung appliance owners,

Wanted to share my experience as it may help others.

Needing a new range, we purchased a ceramic electric range with wifi capabilities.

Connecting the range was a bit of a challenge but I connected.  I attempted to start the oven remotely on the SmartThings App and through my Google Assistant. 

On the App, I could only view the status and make minor adjustments.  Not turn it on remotely.  I had to physically press the start button. Google Assistant told me the range was in safety shut off mode and could not be controlled remotely.

This is where my story became a challenge.  I utilized the Samsung chat feature and spoke with a representative.  They said, couldn't be done, varing models had different functions, etc.  No help...

Refusing to give up, I googled the heck out of it.  Many people claimed you could fully control the oven remotely, by using the Smart Control button.

After playing with it for a bit, I finally confirmed it does work.  This is exactly how to make it happen.

1.  Confirm your Range is connected through your SmartThings App.  Hold the Smart Control button for 3 sec. To connect.

2.  Once connected, press and let go of the Smart Control button on your range once to see a new icon under the wifi symbol.

3. You can now fully control your range via SmartThings App or your Assistant of choice.

This was poorly explained in the manual and no clear answers were given about this subject on relevant forums.  If I had seen this when I was setting it up, It would of saved me hours of research and communication with Samsung, whom in the end had no idea about this function and gave wrong information.

Hope this helps.

















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I don't have a Samsung oven or dishwasher. I have another phone glitch & was looking for answers. Your response to the oven usage & explanation was fantastic! Thank you.