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chipped oven enamel paint

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My oven is 3 months old, when I received it I opened the oven door and it was a sticker glue at the bottom of the oven. I removed the sticker and the glue that was used to stick, and put a piece of plain aluminum paper to prevent  food stains, so that way it will be easy to keep it clean.

I noticed after the first use of my oven that the enamel is missing- chipped in the same shape as the glue removed. 

Samsung sent a tech and Samsung over the phone decided that I physically damaged the enamel, and also that they can not guarantee if the missing

Chipped and or missing enamel -oven paint is linked to CANCER


Samsung: will you replace my oven or refund my money?




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<span;>Looks like this is an ongoing issue! Enamel started chipping in multiple spots prior to even using the oven. After a long discussion Samsung finally sends someone out, they look confused. Come back another day and apply some white paint over it. He then realizes white paint was the wrong one and applies blue paint over it. Few days later I go use the oven (ran self clean as suggested by tech), and the paint that he applied got incinerated! Wiped it off as gray dust! And the enamel got damaged even further where he applied the paint. After getting repair ticket cancelled multiple times and no one could say why, they finally called me to say the chipped enamel is "just" cosmetic damage and they won't be coming back to try to fix it! If I want it fixed I need to look elsewhere. Not only did it chip before I even used the oven but the tech caused more damage to the oven and now they won't even take responsibility! (also the fact that they just made me burn paint inside my house with a newborn, I am furious they would put our health at risk like that!!) Samsung is providing defective products at high prices and doesn't care. 

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Samsung Moderator
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I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused! I know how frustrating that can be with a newborn at home. Please send me a private message with your full model and serial number, I would love to assist you further with this issue. 

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