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dustbin blockage with R7070

I have the R7070 POWERbot and am overall very happy with it other than a couple of issues.

One of them is the blockage of the dustbin flow.

While the dust gets sucked in at the bottom side hole and twirls up the top, it doesn't always seem to make it over the lip and into the dustbin itself.

What I end up with is a bunch of dust collected at the top like this, and not a lot of dust ending up in the bin like this.


It appears to me that the lip at the top of the dustbin needs to be a bit deeper which would allow for more to flow through. I'm tempted to modify it myself.


Has anyone else had this issue, and if so - what have you done about it?


Re: dustbin blockage with R7070

Hello,  I was having the same issue with my powerbot r7070.  I was getting frustrated that the bin never filled up after vacumming the whole 90 minutes.  Did fill up some initally.  Seemed like it was not picking up as much either, especially pet hair.  This was after runnng about 10 times.  I took off the air filter and could not believe how full of dust it was.  I could pull it off with my fingers.  I washed it and it took several tries to get it clean.  I put the second filter in so the inital one could dry thouroghly and ran it to see if there was any difference.  There was a huge difference.  The bin actualy had hair and dust in it and not just clogged at the opening.   Dont know if this wil help you or not, but I think I'm going to switch filters when emptying the dust bin and was out the old one.