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ice maker continually frosting over, won't make ice

Model  RF23M8070SR/AA - purchased approximately one year ago (warranty expires at the end of this month).  For the past several months, on a bi-weekly basis, I need to perform a forced defrost (Fd in service mode) and disassemble the ice maker.  As we live in a humid climate (Hawaii), there seems to be an issue with frost forming on the bottom of the ice maker which eventually freezes up the pathway under the freezing coil used to circulate air from the fan unit.  Once this occurs, all ice making stops and the defrost-remove-clean-reinsert-restart process repeats itself.  I've checked all the technical service bulletins and other on-line documents/references - it appears that all TSB fixes have already been applied (container is sealed at the bottom, all gaskets are clean and appear to be sealing, etc.).  I'm frustrated (as are many others) that this level of appliance can't reliably make ice without the above process being done so regularly.  I noted that the newest models of the ice maker have additional gaskets on the ice bucket itself (I assume to minimize external air from entering).  Wondering if there is a retrofit available for my refrigerator?  As noted, living in Hawaii makes it impossible to schedule service as "there are no service representatives in your area" - Samsung sells the unit here but can't service it??  Had I know that, I would have looked at other alternatives.  


Looking for any suggestions/help/advice/?? as I worry with each disassembly that I am going to puncture the freezing coil and have a non-functioning refrigerator (not just a non-functioning ice maker).






Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: ice maker continually frosting over, won't make ice

We understand how this can be frustrating can I have your full serial number in private message