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new refrigerator arrived with warped and missing components

64 years old and the worst experience I have ever had with any company. They send out a refrigerator that is warped, the things doors are way off center and in the right light you can see that the surface has been torgues, there are waves in the doors and sides. And Shelves are missing.

This is a premium refrigerator and apparently samsung can't be bothered with any form of testing or even looking at their product before shipping it out.

Worse, after over an hour we got a "customer service representative" and the dirtball told us that the refrigerator did not actually come with the missing parts. LIE! And he told us they would ship out new doors and other warped parts to be installed, but no idea when or by whom. Offered nothing as compensation and did not offer to send out a working refrigerator while we waited. He was not interested in me sending pictures of the unit, he just thought I would take it on the chin because I dont have a refrigerator and I have waited for over a month to get this broken one? Crazy.

I did get home depot to force them to take the piece of junk back and I have ordered a new fridge from a better manufacturer, (pretty sure no other manufacturer would treat a paying customer this badly), but I am still without a refrigerator for weeks because Samsung is a totally disreputable organization. That is just the truth. Never buy samsung anything ever again.


Re: new refrigerator arrived with warped and missing components