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refrigerator not cooling AGAIN

We bought our Samsung refrigerator model RS24H5111 in August 2015. Now, having owned it less than four years, we are facing our third repair overall, and it is the same problem (refrigerator compressor fan doesn’t work, thus the refrigerator is over 50 degrees) that we had to have repaired LAST YEAR. 

Last year our usual appliance repair company refused to take the job, saying they did not want to be associated with a problem that they knew they could not fix, because this is a known flaw in your refrigerators. We had to call out one of your “authorized” repair agents which cost over $400 (of course, it wasn’t covered by the warranty- we know, we called your customer service line, which offered no help beyond “here’s a repairman-you pay for it”). 

I am saddened that you will not stand behind the quality of your products and don’t care about selling or assisting your customers with defective products.