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refrigerator not sufficiently cooling

Model: Not sure - on the wiring digram on the back there a number - DA99-01410P. It is about 10 years old.

Over the last month of the summer, I noticed that the center post between the 2 doors was hot to the touch. Didn't think anything about it. Not sure it has anything to do with the problem either. So, after being gone a few days, Sunday I noticed that the frozen food on the door was not hard. Checked the other frozen food and everything else seemed fine. Checked at 11 PM last night and everything was melting. 

I unplugged it a few minutes ago as I have done in the past when it has been behaving strangely. It seems to be running but not getting  cold enough to freeze. The refrigerator part is cool but not cold. I used a vacuum to clean under it. Checked the PCB to make sure it hadn't burned up. 

I have noticed the fan does not turn on under the unit. No idea if this is an indication of the problem. I can hear it running, but again, no fan. I have turned it to Power Cold, so far (15 nibutes) nothigng. 

What could be wrong?