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samsung refridgerator warm freezer cold

have a problem with 6 year old rfg297hdrs refrigerator similiar to many posts as the fridge runs 50-55 even tho the fridge itself says 34 , note freezer is fine at 0 degrees , so far I have change out the fan, both temperature monitors , defrost thermostat , unmoutned the damper so it was not plugging the hole and still have this problem .  as pointed out in many many posts why is the temp monitor mounted on the evaporator coils used to set temp instead of the real ambient temp inside the fridge . also get some water in bottom of fridge every day even tho the drain seems to working fine as I checked it during the many times I took the panel off to change parts. I am guessing need to change out some kind of electronic board  . at least we got 6 years but this problem may have been there for awhile ? have not seen how to change the electronics ??