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several layers of suck during support process, culminating in unreasonable outcome

Impossible to get someone on the phone, I'm forced into the chat support world. 


We bought a built-in over-range microwave from Best Buy in 2017 and it suddenly died.  No weird settings.  We did not unplug the unit.  We did not fill it with aluminum foil and hit go.  It just suddenly died *for no good reason*.  Provided normal usage, microwaves are supposed to go for years, often decades!


Stage 1) Tier 1 chat, slow progress only to be referred to the support chat area.  So I proceeded there.

Stage 2) had to deal the with whole 'create an account' rigamarole.  Sign-up thingie gagged on so many passwords which conformed to the rules I  was forced to change browsers.  Finally got some traction...

Stage 3) attempted to start a service-specific chat.  System requires product registration then rejectet the serial and model numbers I entered as "not found" which is maddeningly inaccurate (I think I know if I'm looking at a Samsun product) and stopped the process cold

Stage 4) I'm forced to go back to Tier 1 chat told them my story.  More slow progresss.  They didn't read my intro statement so I had to copy-pasted it again.  Then I was told Samsung only warrantied microwaves for 1 year. 


One year.  What is that??  This isn't a computer or phone that rapidly goes obsolete (and gets dropped on the ground semi-regularly).  It's a built-in microwave that's supposed to be the workhorse of the modern kitchen.  I've known of people whose old-school microwaves lasted 30 years!

Can't exactly say I'll be rushing out to get Samsung products now, unless they are deeply discounted because evidently customers need to hedge their bets against being old news in a year's time.