Low IOPS EVO 970


Low IOPS EVO 970

I have 970 EVO 500GB SSD in my new MSI GP73, but the IOPS are too low, despite I have fresh Windows 10, updated drivers, bios, etc. The read is 260.000 IOPS, and write is 170.000 IOPS. It's 2/3x lower than it should be:

So the system isn't working as fast as it should be.

This problem is the same for all users, for example:

The laptop has nvme slot, so it should work better:

I am not convinced by the explanation that these are only declared values or my system is broken,cause all users has the same problem. The problem should be repaired because it probably results from under-developed drivers or bios.
Thanks for any reply and help


Re: Low IOPS EVO 970

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I am sure you can buy a better performing SSD than the mid-range EVO 970 you purchased.


The issues I see these days are the newer high performance NVME SSD's can process data faster than the attached computer systems can feed to or draw from them.  The SSD ends up waiting for the computer now rather than the computer waiting for the drive to catch up. 


I use an X299 motherboard with 2 2TB Evo 970, 1 1TB 970 Pro, 1 1TB 960 Pro, and 4 2TB 960 Pro SSD's and I'm happy with the performance of all of them.  I don't use any SATA drives and the system is bloody fast.

It's attached to a 10Gbs network and has a 1Gb Internet feed.  I'm extremely spoiled with the overall performance.