T5 SSD Very Slow


T5 SSD Very Slow

I purchased a T5 portable SSD drive (500MB) awhile back from Amazon but only recently started using it.


From a MacBook Pro, I was copying files to several SSD drives, including a T1 and a WD Passport, and I noticed the T5 was several times slower than the other drives. I downloaded the BlackMagic Disk Speed Test app, and noticed I was getting read and write speeds on this drive that were right around 40 MB/s. Testing the other drives, including the internal SSD, I was getting speeds more in the 200-300 MB/s range. I reformatted the drive using JHFS+ but it made no difference.


I then took the drive to a Windows machine and reformatted it using NTFS. Using AS SSD Benchmark, I am seeing read and write speeds on the drive between 20-25 MB/s. Again, other SSD drives are showing between 200-300 MB/s.


I am thinking that maybe it's the cable. Can I use any USB-C to USB-A cable as a replacement?


I am really disgusted with this since the drive is obviously defective and it is too late to get my money back.



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Re: T5 SSD Very Slow

Hi userpXT2AZpC15,

The drive you have may be defective, replacing the cable might be a good idea to see if it makes a difference, however have you contacted Samsung's technical support? These drives typically carry a long warranty and you should be able to start a warranty ticket with them if you try giving them a call.

Re: T5 SSD Very Slow

Same here!!! I upgraded from 500 ssd WD and  bought T5 1T. 
I'm using as external hard drive for my virtual instruments,
it took 7minutes to upload one of my VST.. 
I changed the cable too but it's the same..