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24" monitor's USB C/A hub fails intermittently with webcam+MacBook

(Topic created on: 1/5/21 3:02 PM)
Monitors and Memory

I have a 24" Samsung monitor (ls24h850qfnxza) which I connect to my MacBook Air w/ USB-C. This works great, and I love the monitor.  But I also have a Logitech webcam connected to the monitor's USB-A port. The camera is only sometimes detected by my Mac when it's connected through the monitor's built-in USB hub, but the camera always works if I plug it directly into my Mac. Is this a known issue?


Is there a work around to get it to be reliable? Interestingly, if I use a ChromeBox instead of a MacBook Air, the camera is detected all the time -- works fine there. 


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