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27" CHG70 Freesync Question



I recently purchased a new AMD RX 5700 TX video card and also decided to install Windows from scratch as part of this.  I am now having an issue with HDR.  I think I'm getting my issue resolved but I am not quite done yet.  I'll ask a question instead of boring everyone with details.


Within the OSD of the monitor in question in the subject line of this post, if you go to the Freesync setting you can set it to 'Off', 'Standard Engine', and 'Ultimate Engine'.


'Off' is pretty much self explanatory.  What is exactly is the difference between the 'Standard Engine' and 'Ultimate Engine' settings for Freesync?  Is the differences between these two documented somewhere?  I'm looking in the manual.  It only mentions these settings exist but doesn't say what is different about the two.