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27" Odyssey G7 black screen after 7 weeks of use

(Topic created: 06-20-2022 10:46 AM)
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So, I have not been pleased with the performance of my G7 at all. From the start it has always been finicky. The display hates going from Windowed Fullscreen/Fullscreen back to my desktop. Regardless of the resolution. Tried same resolutions, different ones. Gsync, no gsync. Linux, Windows... The delay between the two were notable. And it's not the hardware on my PC. A 12th Gen Intel and 3070 ti are not even close to their limit when it comes to titles like, Final Fantasy 14, Minecraft, or even Borderlands 2. And these aren't game engine specific either. This monitor has just been a meh experience. Which is unfortunate since I spent 600 bucks on it. I would hope to have more enjoyment or less of a worry than this. Now, if my system is idle for longer than 5 minutes my monitor just refuses to wake up. Again, regardless of OS. I have to restart the system to even get it to refresh. I can tell it is "working" because I can go through the menu.

The color quality, brightness, and black scale or whatever the setting is... is amazing. But looking at still photos or watching a video for under 5 minutes doesn't make up for it.

The operating systems used were Pop OS 21.10 and 22.04 LTS as well as Windows 10 Home.

The monitor is unusable. Currently restarting the system won't work. Power cycling the monitor never fixed the issue. I also tried different display port cables, even HDMI. I tried different outputs on my computer and still the same result. Unusable 600 dollar paper weight sipping on power.

I appreciate your time. I tried to provide as much information as I could.

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