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28" Odyssey Gaming monitor G70A, wrong resolution after monitor wake-up when using HDMI 2.1

(Topic created: 11-12-2022 09:48 AM)
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I have a problem with my monitor 28" Odyssey Gaming monitor G70A (LS28AG700NUXEN) when I connect it via HDMI 2.1, it works perfectly but when the screen turns off after set time in Windows 10 and I wake it up (just the display, not PC, it is still running), it changes display resolution from 4K/144Hz to 1080p/60Hz  without any chance to set any other resolution as if the system or GPU didn't detect the monitor correctly. When I unplug HDMI cable and plug it back again or if I turn off the monitor using its power button and turn it on again, it is detected correctly and 4K/144Hz is set back again. It does this everytime.

When I connect the monitor via DisplayPort I don't have any problem and monitor wakes up correctly and I see no issues.

I also tested both HDMI inputs and it is the same.

BUT if I disable FreeSync in the monitor settings I don't have any issue at all using HDMI.

It looks like when monitor is woken up, something gets messed up and the monitor is not detected correctly when using HDMI and FreeSync or monitor reports its capabilities wrongly.

Monitor has the latest firmware 1008.1. I'm using XFX Speedster QICK 319 AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT Black GPU with latest AMD drivers. The HDMI cable is also HDMI 2.1 certified.

Can you please look at it and fix this in some new firmware release if it is a monitor issue?


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