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2TB 960 PRO Random Freezes, Black Screen, Blue Swirl Of Death, after upgrading firmware


My 2TB 960 PRO SSD appears to be causing random freezes (about once per day). This problem has been bugging me for several months now. I have upgraded the firmware to the latest version 4B6QCXP7 as of this writing. I suspect the firmware or a driver interaction problem. The only solution is a hard reboot.


I have tried the following:


1. I have reinstalled a clean version of Windows 10 Pro and updated all drivers.


2. Although I do have the Intel Rapid Storage device driver installed it only comes up in Device Manager under IDE Devices. The UI says the Port was empty. Does not appear to apply here.

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3. This Post appears to be a similar problem, however no new Firmware appears to be made available that fixes the problem or no clear instructions as to how to downgrade have been provided. This problem was reported almost 1 year ago, a firmware fix should be available by now.

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Any support, fixes or suggestions would be much appreciated.


If I can't resolve the problem I'll be sending the drive back as the device is still under Warranty.



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Dell XPS 15 9550

i7 6700HQ @ 2.60 GHZ, 4 Cores

Win10 Pro (Version 1809)

Samsung Firmware Version: 4B6QCXP7

32 GB (Samsung DDR4-2132 (1066 MHz)/M471A2K43BB1-CPB)

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: 2TB 960 PRO Random Freezes, Black Screen, Blue Swirl Of Death, after upgrading firmware

For support on your SSD, please reach out to our dedicated memory support team. This team’s operation hours are Mon through Fri 9AM - 12AM, and Sat 9AM - 9PM. They can be contacted by phone at 800-726-7864, by email at, or via Live Chat on Thanks!