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32R590 CWNXZA (32' 4K Curved VA Panel) 2 - Dual Monitor Set Up

(Topic created: 08-13-2022 11:48 AM)
Monitors and Memory

Set Up

  • M1 Mac Mini / macOS 12.5
  • HDMI - USB C/Thunderbolt

Problem Statement

With the exact same settings on both monitors, checked numerous times, and troubleshooting for port and cable differences completed (no change).

I find one of the monitors is slightly blue in hue and with a "hotter, brighter white". I cannot compensate for this by calibrating one monitor to the other.

Samsung support is not skilled in troubleshooting this as they were having me send pictures via email and the other steps evidanced no technical skill, only reading off a script with no technical background; they concluded - to return it for a replacement. However, I'm sure which one to return? 

Neither is "defective". Is this simply a panel lottery thing, and the QA on these panels varies? It doesn't seem unreasonable to expect them to look the same, or at least, closer in similarity.

Your input on this is appreciated!

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