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860 EVO not supported by Samsung Magician 6.1.0

hello, i bought this device a few weeks ago online but never got around to setting it up until now, its a samsung 860 evo (model # mz-76e500) that i housed externally in a ugreen 2.5" hdd/ssd usb-c enclosure (pid: 50743), i plugged them in expecting it to be plug & play, but while the ssd was detected in the device manager, it didn't show up on "my computer/this pc"... so i installed samsung magician thinking that was the problem, but nope. (magician ver 6.1.0) so i investigated a bit and i found that the website of ugreen suggests i enable the uasp (usb attached scsi protocol) on my device, os, and controller.. but i have no idea how to do that.. please help

i will attach images of the device manager showing my storage controllers & disk drives, and an image of samsung magicians "not supported" message.


edit: for context the reason i chose to use the ssd externally was because im using it on my laptop, and while i do know how to install an ssd into my laptop, i dont wanna void my warranty. going to the service center was out of the table because of the quarantine.