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970 Pro Sudden Massive Issues (low speed and IOPS)

Hi, I've had my 970 Pro for about 2 years now its been my main drive that I run my OS on, and it worked great the whole time no issues.  That is until today when I got on my computer and the whole computer was crazy slow out of nowhere, it was working perfectly fine yesterday.  After troubleshooting for a few hours I figured out that the cause of the issue was that my 970 Pro was running crazy slow after I tried benchmarking it using the Samsung magician app.  It says its only Sequential Reading: 427 MB/s Writing: 401 MB/s  And Random (IOPS) read: 11230, write: 10253 all of those numbers are WAY below where they should be for this drive about 4-5x below for the Sequential read numbers and 20-25x lower! for the IOPS, it's even below the benchmark I got for my 860 Evo.  Something must have gone seriously wrong with my drive and it's causing my whole computer to run crazy slow especially any tasks involving the OS, it literally takes like 10 seconds to open a file explorer tab.  This issue appeared randomly overnight and I have no idea why.  It's also causing constant high CPU usage in every application and from windows functions, I have an 8700k and it's using like 40-70% for any basic tasks where its having to interact with the SSD eg. opening apps or basic windows functions.  I also know its not a CPU issue because when I benchmark my other drives they're all working fine.  I've tried checking for malware and virus' no issues and I've tried changing the m.2 port on my motherboard that the drive is plugged into with no luck in fixing the issues.  Someone, please help is there anything I can do?  Or do I have to just use my warranty and return my drive for a new one?