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Accessing Firmware Update Menu on Samsung C49RG90

(Topic created: 04-15-2021 11:33 AM)
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I've been trying to install the latest drivers via USB on my Samsung Monito (LC49RG90SSNXZA) but I am unable to access the Software Update Menu.

I have followed the instructions in the manual:

1) Be sure to insert the USB disk into the 1 port. You can upgrade the software via USB only if
either the monitor screen operates normally or the check signal is displayed on the monitor screen.

When the screen as shown in the following figure is displayed, press and hold the Down arrow key for
5 seconds

2)When the message as shown in the following figure is displayed on the monitor, select Yes to
upgrade the software.



I cannot even get past Step 1. When I  hold the jog button down for 5 seconds as per instructions, nothing appears on the screen. I do see the blue LED flash but that is it. 

is there another way to update Software via USB?

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Same problem here. Maybe I'm stupid but I press the menu button in and it comes up, I hold it in the "Down" position for 5 seconds, and a blue light blinks. That's it.


What are we missing here??

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I have the same problem.  Can't access the firmware update following the same directions found in the manual.  It worked once - but ever since all I now get is a a blue light flash after holding the "down" position.