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Are there any other Smart Monitor users, experiencing issues setting up Google Assistant?

(Topic created: 07-30-2021 01:01 PM)
Cosmic Ray
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Alexa and Google Assistant was introduced in software update version 1100, the Alexa setup was super easy and completed without any issues, the same can't be said for Google Assistant.


When you initially try to setup Google Assistant, you're greeted by a URL, QR code, and a code to enter in via the URL. None of these options, were able to locate my M7 Smart Monitor. I even tried Google's suggestion to have both the setup device and the device you're trying to setup, on the same network but still, "No Device Found" shows up.


I've tried everything from factory resetting the Smart Monitor multiple times (sometimes with backup restore and other times without backup restore), I've tried using different setup devices (mobile phones, tablet, & PC) to different setup networks (AT&T, Comcast/Xfinity, & Verizon), and nothing works.


I've contacted the Smart Monitor department on several different occasions about this issue as well, which has led me nowhere because as usual, 95% of the Smart Monitor staff I've spoken to since March of owning my Smart Monitors, know absolutely nothing about the product and I'm usually forced to either figure out issues on my own or reach out to other users on forums similar to this one smh. 

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