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Both my SSDs low 4k write speed

Hello  I cannot find a solution to my issue

I have a Samsung 970 EVO 1tb as my primary drive
and a Crucial MX500 2GB for storage

Both of them work fine except in 4k performances (q1t1 specifically) . for an m2 NVMe drive, I expect much higher 4k results.. Funny thing is I think also the second drive is affected by the same problem.


What could be the cause of my weird benches?

I updated mb BIOS, Samsung drivers and firmware.

CPU i7 8700
MB: AsRock m/itx 390 Phantom
32 GB Corsair ram 3000mhz

I believe my hardware is last gen and should perform very good. just wondering if this 4k result will affect my everyday use, and how much should I be concerned?
What are your thoughts?

Thank you very much for any help!