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C27HG70 is too bright - how to turn it down?

I have had this monitor for two days.   It is too bright even when brightness, contrast, and the rgb color settings are set to zero.   Those controls do work, they just do not go low enough.  Even in sunny conditions setting all the controls to zero is only about right, in all others it is too bright no matter.

I apologize for the repost from yesterday, but the original post diappeared.  Probbly because I added a link to the photos.  Instead they are now attached.   That is a Chrome window to a shoe ad over an emacs window.  The emacs window has a bright text over a black background.   The text is quite legible and bright enough with  this setting.   Those photos were taken at 2:30 in the afternoon in the office on a sunny day, and notice on the lower right, that all of the controls,  brightness, contrast, and rgb have been set to *zero*.

I was blown off by technical support.  They were clueless.  So I have two questions:   1)  How can I turn the brightness down further?  (surely requires a firmware patch)   2) is there a way to contact real technical support instead of the clueless bozos who blew me off?