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C32HG70 Support for NVidia Adaptive Sync? Firmware to better support coming?

I am getting a Nvidia card today and I want to know how well the LC32HG70QQNXZA monitor supports the new Active Sync that Nvidia added to their drivers.  I have been using a Vega 64 LQ card for a bit over a year now but decided to upgrade to a EVGA 2080Ti FTW3 Ultra Hybrid card.  I'm wondering if anyone has gotten the Adaptive Sync to work well with this monitor and the new Nvidia drivers, if so which firmware are you using on the monitor? 


Last but not least does Samsung plan to release a new firmware that will better support this feature with Nvidia?  I think this could really improve your sales on this monitor if you release firmware that could get this certified with Nvidia as one of the compatible monitors as I have seen a lot of interest around the internet in using this monitor with the new Adaptive Sync feature. 


Re: C32HG70 Support for NVidia Adaptive Sync? Firmware to better support coming?



I am using this monitor with an Nvidia GTX 1080 and it works well in the "standard engine" freesync mode. Multiple games and so far it works just as well as gsync did with the monitor I had previously. I'm running the 418.91 driver and the 1019.2 firmware.


The only downside to this monitor in the HDR functionality, it doesn't work very well as it compress the dynamic range when enabled in games. This is quite frustrating as it seemed to work failry well with previous driver and firmware versions. I've done a lot of research trying to find a solution, but nothing seems to work. It appears to be a driver problem that lies with nvidia drivers; I can get video content to run in HDR with what looks like full dynamic range, but not in games. The other day I got Forza 4 Horizon to briefly run correctly, but only the one time. It's totally confounding and has caused me to give up trying. We might get better game HDR implementation in the next Windows feature update, 1809 seems to have been a step backwards in that regard.


I wouldn't not hold out any hope for updates from Samsung, their last firmware update was October of 2018. The Nvidia certification is probably never going to be widely applied, they are likely choosing only certain manufacturers for consideration.