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CHG90 Have to unplug/re-plug PCs after monitor sleep

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I just purchased the CHG90 (49"). I have 2 laptops (Windows 10 Home and Enterprise) plugged in, one via HDMI and one via mini DP to DP. Anytime I restart or startup either PC and the monitor is waking from sleep (which it does) it then cycles through each input a couple times then sleeps again. It is like there are no inputs detected. I have to unplug then re-plug in the cable to get the monitor to recognize the signal again. I had it freeze once after shutting down the DP PC, causing a need for a power cycle.


The PCs recognize the monitor upon startup / waking because I can see it in the settings, its like the monitor doesn't recognize the input.


To make things more interesting, I have an Apple TV plugged into the other HDMI and this doesn't happen when that is turned on - the monitor recognizes it (though it doesn't wake the monitor from sleep automatically, I have to wake it up and tell it to cycle through the inputs).


Things I have tried:

  • Different HDMI cable, different mini DP to DP cable
  • Installed latest driver from Samsung for the PCs
  • CHG90 is on latest firmware from Samsung (1021.0 as of this post, released Sept 2020)
  • Switching HDMI input ports (HDMI1 and HDMI2) between the PC and Apple TV
  • Reset CHG90 to factory settings
  • Unplug CHG90 for 5 minutes, plug back in

Is there an issue with Windows 10 and the CHG90? I'm not sure what else to try before I call it quits. I will not spend $900 on a monitor and have to unplug/re-plug the cables everytime I use it. Anything else I should try before I take this back to the retailer?


Thanks for any feedback.

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Samsung Moderator
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If you do not have the one connected via mini DP to DP, does this still occur?

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My CHG90 monitor that I bought just yesterday is doing exact same thing.