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CJ89 43" Monitior and Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

I am looking at purchasing a 43" CJ89 widescreen multi-PC monitor .

I want to use it with both my Surface Pro X and Macbook pro (whicgh has Mac OS and bootcamp with Windows), having both connected via USB-C to the monitor.

Now, Keyboard & Mouse: 

The promotional material shows use of the in0-built monitor KVM with a wireless keyboard and mouse.I would really like to continue using my (all bluetooth) Mac magic keyboard, Mac magic trackpad and bluebooth MX Master mouse (caters for 3 connection PC's)

Question.... can you only connect to/use the monitor in-built KVM when connected via USB or a wirelsss USB dongle or is there a way to use bluetooth (Other than having two bluetooth keyboards or buying a new keyboard that can cater for 2 PC's)?? I already have one Mac and One microsoft Leyboard and want to consolidate and use the KVM with one monitor/mouse etc across the two PC's and the CJ89 monitor 

Has anyone has the same dilemma/investigated something like this at all?

Thank you