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Can you help me find the magic in Magician to wipe my SSD?

(Topic created: 09-28-2021 05:48 PM)
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I’m preparing a Dell Inspiron 5675 workstation for transfer and the C: drive, an SSD containing the O.S., needs to be properly wiped.   The SSD is a Samsung 970 EVO Plus, 1T, so I am using Samsung’s Magician utility to perform the wipe.   After reviewing blogs like this one, and youtube advice, I’ve become familiar with the process.

In a nutshell after doing the proper backup and other prep work, Magician is launched, and the option Secure Erase is selected.  In this GUI the desired SSD is identified and magician helps you create a bootable flash drive….easy.   The system is then restarted.  If the BIOS is not already prepared to perform a Legacy boot from the flash drive then at restart hit F2 on Dell machines and make the necessary BIOS changes.   With this in place, when the system reboots from the flash drive you will see a script run, which I gather has been placed on the flash drive by Magician.  This basic DOS looking dialog begins with warnings and disclaimers and then asks the question. “Do you accept the disclaimer and warning? [Y/N]:” 

SO HERE IS MY PROBLEM:   The keyboard is not functional at this point and I cannot enter y, Y, n, N….or any other keystroke….subsequently, I cannot proceed with the process….nuts.

I’ve tried other configurations of the BIOS setup, USB ports, keyboards (wired and wireless)….all without success.

Ideas?  Has Samsung disabled the keyboard to protect me from my foolish actions? 

Thanks for your insight.

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Google for "disk wipe USB" and you'll find several solutions that should work for you.