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Chg70 27 monitor

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I purchased this monitor back in mid 2019 for my xbox series x after covid-19 hit I decided it was time to build a new pc after getting furloughed knowing were all staying in doors more than usual and after just a couple months of use on the pc the monitor was taking longer to "warm up" which they say is normal for va panels then issues started

 The monitor has long vertical lines going through half the screen once the monitor has warmed up how ever they go away.  Only after a couple of minutes at first.... now it takes roughly 5-10 minutes and the problem just seemed to be getting worse so I created a ticket and sent it off for repair.

So now I just received the repaired monitor today and still having the same issues, is that normal? Did anyone else here have to do multiple repairs until the product was actually fixed? Also did any firmware updates fix this issue for anyone? Really frustrating to go 2+ weeks without a monitor then to recieve the same issue. was thinking about buying a secondary monitor until this problem is resolved.


Anything helps thanks!!

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