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Choosing the height of the standoff for installing EVOPlus M.2 drive on ASUS H170-Pro/CSM mobo

I am about to have an EVOPlus M.2 drive installed.  I have finally gotten standoffs and screws for this purpose and confirmed that the threads match the mounts on the mobo.   ASUS sent me two standoffs, one about 3 mm tall and the other about 5 mm tall (including the little raised nipple on the top that fits into the slot at the end of the M.2 drive).   Does anyone know which height standoff I will need to use?  There appear to be zero specifics about this on the web, as all sources seem to assume that the mounting hardware will already be on the mobo and you just have to take out the screw and use that to secure the end.    Of course, my mounting hardware either got lost or was never included and there is absolutely nothing about mounting an M2 drive in the motherboard user manual.  From all the videos I have watched it appears that the taller one is most often used.  I have an ASUS H170-Pro/CSM motherboard in a system built in 2015.   By chance does anyone out there have the same setup and can tell me which will work best?  Of course we can experiment if I cannot get an answer.  I have emailed ASUS but they are remarkably uninformed but they are still trying to dig up this apparently very esoteric detail.  Any help from you all would be most appreciated!!