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Disk X has been surprise removed - continues

(Topic created on: 3/11/21 4:09 PM)
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This is not resolved, like the closed issue here, so I'm starting new thread.
I have bought Samsung SSD 860 EVO M.2 2TB about half year ago.
It is not OS drive, so my Windows does not crash, but I see events like:
Disk X has been surprise removed.
The IO operation at logical block address 0xhhhhhhhh for Disk X (PDO name: \Device\000000X) failed due to a hardware error.
Reset to device, \Device\RaidPortX, was issued.
The IO operation at logical block address 0xhhhhhhhh for Disk X (PDO name: \Device\000000X) was retried.

It is not in the RAID, just AHCI. It is attached to JMicron JMB585 (5 port PCIe to SATA) controller.

The error happened 5 times in last two weeks, before that half year no problem. Now I have to power off the machine and let it cool, next it starts fine. When the error happened I cound not hold finger on the SSD how it was hot. (this I have noticed just once - will monitor furter)
The system is properly cooled. Idle SSD operating temperature is 27, under load 40 degree celsius.
Free space is often less than 10 GB.

The issue looks to appear when SSD is long time in idle (like hours not reading or writing) and then I start some long time operation (for example copy 300 GB to USB HDD). Once it happened just when I started movie. No intensive data load needed. Error scan in HD Tune shows no bad blocks. SMART all green.

I have in BIOS disabled SATA Power Management. And in Windows settings:
AHCI Link Power Management - HIPM/DIPM set to Active
Turn off HDD set to Never
AHCI Link Power Management - Adaptive set to 0 miliseconds

Is there any debug firmware to tell what is happening to SSD?

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