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EVO 860 repartition help

had a Samsung EVO 860 in my laptop which had Win10 on. Was partitioned as OS and recovery, now I moved to an external case and would like to use as one drive. Can this be done in Win10 management and if so how? And yes data on drive no longer needed. Or does Samsung have tools and if so where?


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: EVO 860 repartition help

For all solid-state drive questions, please either email or call 1 (800) 726-7864 and choose option 7 for SSD support. The SSD support team is available M-F 9 AM - 9 PM. Thanks!

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Re: EVO 860 repartition help

To clarify @user4kjGdFLunB, you want to erase all existing partitions, correct? This can be done straight from Windows.


- Right click the Windows icon, choose Disk Management 

- Find the 860 and format the drive (or simply erase OS/recovery partitions) 


Minitool partition and Paragon partition are 3rd party tools that can manage SSDs. I'm not near my PC atm, but Samsung Magician can set over-provisioning for drives (unrelated to your issue). 

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