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Error and No 980 support in Magician / NVME Driver?

How long does this normally take after release date? 


I have a 960 Pro, 970 Pro and now a new 980 Pro in my desktop PC.


The 980 does show in Magician but it doesn't show in the supported drives list.  Also, Magician started crashing immediately after I installed and formatted the 980 with diskpart.  "Samsung Magician has encountered an error and cannot continue".


I noticed Windows is using the Microsoft NVME controller on the 980 since apparently there is no support for the 980 in the Samsung NVME 3x driver.


Call me crazy, but I would have expected the 980 lineup to have been tested/supported in both the NVME driver and Magician before launching the product.  





Re: Error and No 980 support in Magician / NVME Driver?

Hi Jim,

Have you solved your problem yet?

I had similar problems and customer support was very helpful.
The difference was that the Magician was not crashing in my case.
You need the latest version of Magician ( 6.2) and an active internet connection.

On the bottom left corner of Magician is the refresh circle. That is what solved it for me when even restart could not.

Now it works fine.

The only thing that is still missing is the Samsung driver , still using the Microsoft one.

Samsung had no idea if and when drivers will be released.