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Evo 560 Encryption

Been looking at encrypting my evo 560.  Read a lot about hardware encryption and how its bad and easily bypassed.  The 560 supports hardware encryption.  My question is, is the 560 EVO affected by the hardware encryption security flaw?  If not, how do I do it?  Thru magician (this looks like it wipes the drive) or use bitlocker (and force it to use hardware encryption through a group policy edit)?


I've googled for my question/solution but found nothing but the articles encouraging you to use the software based bitlocker encryption and not the hardware version.

Product Expert

Re: Evo 560 Encryption

A little IT security wisdom. 


LItterally nothing is hack-proof, even the best security measures have flaws and weaknesses, just depends on how vulnerable they are. The idea of putting security or encryption on your data isn't entirely about protecting your data but how difficult you want to make it accessible before the "hacker" gives up.


If you feel more comfortable using software based encryption, go for it.