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(Feature Request) Samsung Magician for Linux

(Topic created: 10-06-2023 07:41 AM)
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I'd like to suggest a feature request:

What: Samsung Magician Software for Consumer SSDs on Linux.

Why: I am a massive fan of the high quality consumer grade SSDs Samsung offers. I personally own T7 SSD 1TB & 500GB External Drives. I also just recently purchased a 990 Pro 2TB SSD. I am very satisfied with all of the above products minus one thing. There's no GUI Samsung Magician Software for Consumer SSDs on Linux available. I am a frequent Linux user and I love the Hardware Encryption option on my external SSDs but there's no way to use them on linux. I'd argue this is a massive consumer SSD market pitfall on Samsung's end. I want to be able to take full advantage of my Samsung SSDs, and that includes being able to use encryption options on Linux.

Does anyone else share the same sentiment? Or am I just going off on a tangent here

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Unfortunately posts in this app do not go to Samsung. It's a user help forum
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I'm not arguing but I use Magician for Windows and its GUI is a resource killer. I dunno if Magician/Toolkit for linux runs upon request only or as a daemon always but... Magician for Windows runs as a process and logs key presses, which is stated in its release notes/features, thus I blocked its network access via firewall. So Magician for Linux without GUI is best if it is a run-upon-request-program.

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