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Forgot your Password for your Samsung T7 or T9 SSD? Try Samsung Magician's PSID Revert. (Not for T5 or older)

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Hello Samsung Community Users,

To reset your Portable Samsung T7 or T9 SSD, please connect your Portable SSD to a Windows 10 or Higher PC, Please download the Samsung Magician Software using the link below.

  1. Once the software is installed and running, the Samsung magician version 8.0 should be able to see your Samsung T7. If your drive is detected properly, you will see a feature named "PSID revert" on the left side of the Samsung Magician software window.
  2. Please select this option and follow the steps to enter your PSID code for your Samsung T7.
  3. The PSID code should be located on the drive itself near the serial number of your drive.
  4. Once the PSID code is accepted by the Samsung Magician it will wipe of all security and data placed on your drive.

**Note** Please make sure to have the correct drive selected within Magician. The software can target different drives. You should see the names of all your drives listed at the top of Magician.
**The software will only display the information or features available  for the currently selected drive** 

Please download Samsung Magician 8.0 here - https://semiconductor.samsung.com/consumer-storage/support/tools/

Please note: If the steps above cannot be completed, the Portable SSD may need be sent to the Samsung service center for the reset process. Please call 1-800-726-7864 (Samsung) and ask for "memory support" in order to get further assistance.

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