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G9 240hz resolution problem

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I am having issues with my G9 going to 240hz. I've read a few articles on here about it but nobody seems to be having the issues I'm having.

Firmware is 1012.1 on G9

Nvidia drive is 472.12

Windows 11 newest build

RTX 3080 / Display port 1.4 and I've tried all 3 DP slots on the back of the card.


So here's my problem.

Adaptive Sync is off Gsync is off. Monitor set to 240hz windows display settings set to 5120x1440p at 240hz Nvidia control panel at the same. BUT the monitor has a **bleep**ed resolution its like 1000x1440p if I was to guess. everything is HUGE on the screen. If I change the monitor settings to 120hz it goes to the proper resolution. The second it goes back to 240hz everything is huge again.   When I said huge I mean imagine being on a 1920x1080 rez then going to 800x600.. yeah.  It is not the proper resolution.  Nvidia control panel and windows display settings say it's at 5120x1440p but it's not because when I go back to 120hz it actually goes to the proper resolution which looks correct.  240hz looks bad

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Monitors and Memory

What often happens for me when I change the resolution, is that windows blows out the scaling for some reason. Try and to into your Windows display settings and set the scaling to 100% instead of the 200% " recommended"  it changes to on my end.