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G9 27 inch flickers on every game with gsync on. how did this monitor ever leave quality control????

literally everyone i know that has that monitor has the flickering issue with GSYNC/ FREEsync on. 


don't advertise a monitor as flicker free when every user has that problem! how did this monitor even get out of quality control if it's that obvious? have you guys even tested a single game on it?


i hope nvidia pulls gsync certification of this , because its a joke!


literally every game i played was unplayable with gsync on. when i use my asus monitor with 165 hz and gsync everything works as it should.



everyone that has issues with this monitor should also fill in a complaint  in the nivida driver bug report here :


if we are lucky nvidia pulls gsync support from this and then atleast samsung is forced to solve something instead of pretending the issue doesn't exist and advises us to turn down our settings.