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G9 Odyssey Netflix and Cyberpunk HDR

(Topic created on: 2/9/21 6:24 AM)
Monitors and Memory

Has anyone managed to get this to work? It appears that I can steam Youtube HDR content ok, but when attempting Netflix either from the Win 10 app or the Edge browser it causes the monitor to crash and turn off.

I'm using 120hz, adaptive sync on with HDR enabled in Windows. I'm using 120hz because when I switch to 240hz the NVidia control panel reports no HDCP support from the monitor.

I'm using the 1008 firmware and the latest NVidia drivers.

HDR support was a big selling point for me as I love it on my LG TV with the Playtstation and wanted some of that experience on my PC. 

Cyberpunk for example, I actually can't tell the difference between HDR on and off at all so I don't think it's working properly.

I'm quite disappointed and considering returning the monitor as it was anything but cheap.

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