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HDMI Connection Lost When Internet Connection is Lost

(Topic created: 01-17-2023 07:09 PM)
Monitors and Memory

I just started using LS32BM702UN "Smart" monitor with my PC (Windows 11). The PC connects to the internet via wifi. The monitor connects to the PC via the HDMI cable. I do not use the monitor as a TV. I only want to use it as a monitor. I have installed the Easy Connect software on my PC. I have installed the app on my phone. I have told my PC to never sleep (whether in battery mode, which would only happen if the power went out, or plugged in -- it always is). I have configured the settings in Easy Connect as recommend.

My internet connection can be, at times, intermittent.

If the monitor goes into standby mode and my PC loses the internet connection (at least I assume that's what is happening as sometimes I have no issue), when I "wake-up" the monitor, I am prompted to "connect my HDMI device." There is nothing I can do except press the power button on my PC, forcing it to shut down, and then power up again using the power button. This, of course, causes the PC to run through diagnostics to figure out why it wasn't shut down properly.

I have reset the monitor. I've tried waking it up using the remote and the power button. I have gone to the "home" screen and clicked "PC." I have used the app on my phone -- which works fine for connecting the monitor to the wifi it has lost its connection, but does nothing to get the PC recognized. I have unplugged and replugged the HDMI cable. I have tried a different HDMI cable.

This can't possibly be the way these monitors work, can it? Am I to believe that I just purchased a "monitor" that won't recognize my PC if it isn't connected to the internet? I figure there must be some obvious solution that is escaping me.

I would be ever so grateful for any insight anyone has.


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