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How to resolve issues first formatting Samsung internal SSD's

Hi All,


I just bought a Samsung M.2 SSD and wanted to provide this as a quick resource for you, if you too are unable to view the drive in Windows 10.

The SSD will come without being formatted, so even if you install the drivers you won't see it unless you go to Disk Manager. Most third party formatting tools will also have this issue!

To fix it and get the drive to mount properly, go to search bar in windows and type "Disk Management" it will show up as "Create and format hard disk partitions" Click on this!

Next, you need to find the Samsung SSD using the scrollbar to the bottom of your screen.

If you try to find it in the list located in the top of the screen you will not find it!

This is because it has not been assigned a drive letter!

Now, click on the Samsung SSD it will show up as "Disk" with a number in front of it and you will see the volume is blank! After you have done this navigate to the top of your screen and select the "Show/Hide action pane" Now click the "Disk Management" Dropdown and select "More Actions" Here you will see the option to format the disk! Once you have done this it will have a drive letter and can be used normally.

I still have not found out how to get the "Data Migration" Software provided by Samsung to work, everytime I try to launch the application nothing happens!

Let me know if this has been useful to you, or if you have any questions!