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How to setup SSD.

I have several Samsung SSD's in my Windows 10 computer.

C:\ is a 128GB Samsung SSD 840 pro, sata III connected

D:\ is a 8TB WD USB 3.1 connected

E:\ is 2 256 GB Samsung SSD 870 evo, RAID 0, NVME M.2

F:\ is a 256 GB Samsung SSD 830 evo
G:\ is a 1TB 2.5in spinning hdd, sata III
Here is what the Samsung Magician reports as the performance, all numbers MB/s, and IOPS.

C: Sequential; R 5457 W 6272, Random; R 176,757 W 155,273

D: Sequential; R 178 W 164, Random; R 488 W 244

E: Sequential; R 2,666 W 2,906, Random; R 96,435 W 85,937

F: Sequential; R 542 W 343, Random; R 54,861 W 29,785

G: Sequential; R 100 W 94, Random; R 244 W 79


What doesn't make any sense to me is why isn't the Raid 0 pair(870 EVO NVME) way faster than the Single SSD 840 Pro.

I have the raid setup through the motherboard. Windows just sees an Intel Raid 0 Volume.

Should I redo the raid, and let Windows handle the raid?


2019-03-17 (4).png2019-03-17 (5).png2019-03-17 (6).png