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Issues with Samsung Smart Monitor M8

(Topic created: 06-16-2022 10:25 PM)
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1. It doesn’t detect camera when connects to the laptop for MS Teams or zoom calling 

2. Microsoft 365 is slow as **bleep**, freezes

3. Using C cable to connect to laptop, it shows a big banner on top of the screen (showing it’s connected to my laptop) and for god sake you can’t get rid of it, after a million minutes when I connected my wireless mouse to M8 I was able to hid the banner. 
4. next problem connection to my laptop keeps breaking up despite its a wired with C cable.

5. I can’t use my laptop to connect to monitor  wirelessly , I don’t know why it doesn’t work. Running win10, and it’s up to date: (work laptop). 

6 TV wise it’s good

7. work from Home Screen it sucks. 

I hope I am doing something wrong, otherwise it’s a waste of money for me! 

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