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LC49RG90SSUXEN won't resume from standby

(Topic created: 09-29-2021 06:45 AM)
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Had this monitor for about a month now. Wish I had not bought it due to all the issues.

I was first getting crashes in games sometimes and also when G-Sync was enabled, weird flickering issues. I found an Nvidia DisplayPort firmware update and applied this, and the crashes have disappeared - but I've not bothered to see if G-Sync flickering is fixed.

However, I started getting occasional blanking of the display every 1-2 times per day, where it would go completely black for 1-2 seconds and display the channel in top left, then the picture would return.

Then I found the monitor firmware and driver displayed on the website, so I installed the driver and then the firmware (I was previously on 1004 or something, and now 1007.2)

Now my complaints are:

  • Every time I lock the computer and walk away for long enough for the display to go to standby, then I return and press a key, it will not display anything until the screen is completely turned off and then back on.
  • The screen is now brighter than it was before, and setting brightness to 0 is still too bright. This was not an issue before the firmware update.

Before Samsung support suggest, what's already known and done:

  • Turned off all power saving features on the monitor.
  • G-Sync is disabled.
  • HDR is disabled.
  • Local dimming is 'ON'.
  • I'm using the Samsung-provided cables.
  • Windows and Nvidia settings are exactly the same as a previously perfectly working dual monitor setup using two Dell 4K screens.

Honestly starting to wish I'd bought a different brand screen!

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
Monitors and Memory

Hello,  I understand this concern and would like to escalate it to the engineers for investigation, or we can send the monitor to service. Can you please send a private message PM Link with your monitor serial number, PC brand, video card model, and driver version to proceed? 


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