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LF32TU874VNXGO monitor not working with Macbook thunderbolt

(Topic created: 08-06-2022 08:41 PM)
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Hi, I own a LF32TU874VNXGO monitor which has a hub to connect the monitor to macbook thunderbolt and have power + display + USBs + ethernet.

the thunderbolt correclty provides power to the macbook but that's it, the hub and the display do not work. I am using the included samsung cable and I tried all the ports on my macbook pro M1.

the hdmi works just fine, and I am using it at the moment, but I want to use one single cable and I need the hub (which is the whole point of owning this monitor).

it may be some problems with the firmware but I cannot find if there is a new version. my current version is m-t8732ugda-1006.1

any solution to this?


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