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M.2_2 drive keeps disappearing

(Topic created: 09-05-2021 04:55 PM)
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I have 500GB 970 EVO Plus M.2 NVMe for the OS & programs & just installed a 1TB EVO Plus in a second M.2 slot to use as 😧 storage drive.

Initially I was able to copy a few files to the 😧 drive from an EHD, but the next day I could not, and kept getting Error 0x800701B1. I tried different USB ports & another EHD but to no avail. I rebooted the PC and the 😧 drive no longer showed up anywhere, including in disk management.

The next day when the PC powered up a message came up saying it was fixing a problem. It took only a few seconds & the 😧 drive then appeared. Everything worked & I copied some more folders to the drive.

But the following day when I turned on the PC the 😧 drive was not there again.

I didn’t make any changes & rebooted the PC & a message came up saying something about a stop problem & I should make a note of the error code. It also said it was repairing a problem. This came & went so quickly I wasn’t able to read the whole message let alone write down an error code. After the repair everything was acting normal & the files I previously copied to the 😧 drive are still there. BIOS does show both M.2 slots have the Samsung drives, at least when they are showing up in Explorer.

My disk drivers & chipset driver are supposedly up to date. Since the C: drive does not have a problem I’d like to think that the BIOS & the rest of the system is up to date.

I don’t want to copy any more files to the second M.2 in case it’s defective. Any idea why the M.2 😧 drive disappears for no apparent reason other than it is defective?

Any help would be appreciated.

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