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M7 43 Smart Monitor Stalls Boot and Doesn't Wake Up From Sleep

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I am having 2 issues with M7 43" Monitor when plugged into the integrated HDMI port on Dell XPS 8940 system (i5-11400.)

1) On fresh boot I experience the problem described at Solved: XPS 8940, onboard HDMI activated only after 5-10 minutes - Dell Community - the machine spends several minutes without keyboard lights on, the monitor turns on once in a while but never displays anything and goes back to sleep.  In 3-5 minutes it gets to Win 11 login screen and everything works.

2) When waking up from sleep I experience the problem described at M7 32 Smart Monitor will not wake from Sleep/Stand... - Samsung Community - 2196458 - monitor does not wake up from sleep and needs to be turned on manually.

I am using the cable that came with the monitor and have had both problems since receiving the new monitor. I have tried another cable as well.

Neither problem occurs:

- if I plug a different monitor into the HDMI port or

- if I plug M7 into the video card port or

- if I plug the M7 into an older computer.

I've been working with Dell for a while on this.  They've already tried replacing the motherboard and the problem seems monitor related.  I have latest firmware and drivers on both the computer and the monitor.

Recently I was able to avoid issue (1) by turning off the monitor before booting.  It worked 3 or 4 times in a row, but then stopped working so there seems to be some randomness to the issue.

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