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Missing Samsung G7 Odyssey 32” Power supply

(Topic created: 09-10-2021 02:45 PM)
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Anyone know how I can find a replacement part? Just transitioned from the military and I cannot seem to find one anywhere online. I’ve bought 4 from Amazon, Walmart and EBay that say they should work but don’t. 

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Monitors and Memory
Replacing that part? That is that, but what is 4 of something that you purchased from Amazon? They should work...what should work? Your post is filled full of nothing, space, and even oddly(evenly) time. I researched AlotS, and I found the part you desire. It's just very expensive, and as a single Mom, 20 bucs is a lot of money, especially to me. Speeching in third predator(person), Richie isn't researching for nothing, Richie doesn't know what part yourself is looking for, cause that part fits on what design/device/bodycon/nation/anything. Lucky Dog. Hope this helps.